Vasovic Ltd Company was founded in Cacak, Serbia and deals with the wholesale and packing of frozen sea and river fish, as well as products made from fish.

In order to invest in modernization and new technologies application in the process of modern business, we have built an object which fulfills technological, veterinary and hygienic conditions of stocking, packing and sale of fish, in Serbian and other markets.

Vasović Ltd. Company, for many years has been working with suppliers, which in their fleet have the most modern ships and work by applying the highest standards (freezing at sea, equipment, expertise, etc.) which therefore guarantee quality and freshness of the fish.

Over the past few years we have developed a new line of products under the brand name Lamargo which have been added to our wide range.

Vasović Ltd. Company follows the latest standards and its business is in compliance with the provisions of applicable regulations from importation to distribution of goods to final consumers, thanks to that Lamargo and Vasović Ltd. have become recognizable names for quality and good collaboration.